Welcome to the Positive Pennine website

The purpose of this site is to consider how investing in a positive, sustainable manner, might just help to nudge the UK and the world to a better place.

Better environmental outcomes.
Better social outcomes.
Better corporate governance.

The investing public have great power in their hands. Not individually, but being part of a greater momentum for positive change. Every business, or enterprise needs investment capital. If this comes with positive stipulations attached, then that can have a transforming effect.

Why Positive Pennine?

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One website, but with two parts

The site is split into 2 parts: open to all, and restricted. The open is for all, the restricted is for investment professionals and financial advisers only. Our UK regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), quite rightly has rules that must be adhered to.

FINANCIAL ADVISERS, you can find information that may assist you in advising your clients positively. If you are new to positive investing advice, we have made it easy and straightforward for you.

OPEN SITE, will include all the latest on ESG issues (Environmental, Social, Governance). Over the past 20 years John Fleetwood, has become a leading expert on such issues. You can learn about John’s philosophy, and read the latest news and blogs from John.

The Philosophy of John Fleetwood

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