Pensions and investment portfolios with a social and environmental conscience

Did you know that through your Financial Adviser (FA) you can choose where to invest your pension and investments?

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Your investment, your right to choose

As someone with money in a pension, investments or even a bank account, have you ever thought where your money is invested? Do the aims and objectives of the funds your money is invested in, meet with your own principles?

Put simply, you can influence where your FA invests on your behalf. You can ask to be introduced to funds that are focussed on sustainability (sustainable investments) and/or have a positive social impact (impact investments). You can ask your FA to invest in the Positive Pennine portfolio of funds.

The requirement for ethical investments is rapidly increasing, in tandem with greater awareness of social responsibility. Sustainable and responsible investments can generate the competitive financial returns you’re looking for, whilst having a positive impact on society.

You can be part of the momentum for positive change.


We have a community of trained and approved Financial Advisers across the North West, who understand sustainable investing.

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Good Egg Kitemark

For two consecutive years, Positive Pennine are proud to have been awarded the Good Egg Kitemark by Good With Money.

The Good Egg mark, “is awarded to financial services firms that can demonstrate a positive impact has been introduced to help people make more informed choices about how their money is being used when they buy a financial product.”

Good With Money

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