What is an Impact Score and 3d Star Rating?

Investors in traditional funds are used to viewing and analysing performance data. When we created the Positive Pennine Portfolios we wanted to add something extra. John Fleetwood has helped us do this by creating an IMPACT SCORE. An investor can now analyse and compare seemingly similar funds or portfolios, which might not be very similar at all.

We invest for positive social impact, whilst meeting the financial objectives of the portfolio. We seek to avoid ethical controversies wherever possible. The IMPACT SCORE
states the extent to which the portfolio actually invests in solutions to social and environmental challenges, and also the extent of any ethical compromises.

The IMPACT SCORE is the percentage of the overall portfolio, held in companies that provide a direct solution to a social or environmental challenge. These include:
resource efficiency, renewable energy, social infrastructure, sustainable transport, inclusive and ethical finance, healthcare, clean air and water, education and training, safety and security, and sustainable food.

Example; Positive Pennine Portfolio 4 had an Impact Score of 53.3% as at 01/08/17

The 3D STAR RATING is the weighted average 3D Star Rating, of the constituent funds. This is an overall assessment of how well a fund meets the 3D criteria of:


The 3D STAR RATING is on a scale of 1-5, where 5 is the best possible score.

Example; Positive Pennine Portfolio 4 had a 3D Star Rating of 3.28 as at 01/08/17.

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