The Positive Pennine Portfolios

The Positive Pennine Portfolios were designed, as all of our offerings, backwards! What I mean by that is that we started with the investor and his or her needs, and then worked from that, through to the portfolio structure.

What research tells us

Research tells us that over 70% of investors, if given the choice, would want some or all of their investment/pension portfolios invested in sustainable or ESG funds. However further research shows that financial advisers, when asked, state less than 10% of their clients would welcome sustainable investments.

There is a conflict here. Our belief is that financial advisers are out of tune with their investors wishes. Historically it has been challenging for IFA’s to understand this area of investing. Positive Pennine offers the IFA the solution to this dilemma.

We have even created some simple research a financial adviser can do with their clients, which will enlighten them.

Improving our world

The Positive Pennine Portfolios, enable modern investors to play their part in improving our world without sacrificing long term investment performance*.

They are based on the research and philosophy of John Fleetwood, Principal of 3D Investing. You can read much more about John, on the rest of this website.

Underlying investments

Underlying investments are analysed and rated. Each portfolio achieves an average score which is publicised. This unique service allows you to accurately monitor the GOOD you are doing. When we started this work, it became clear that some funds were using names like Ethical, which when analysed were questionable.

Impact Rating

The Impact Rating is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This is a set of 17 social and environmental objectives to eradicate poverty and environmental degradation by 2030.

*Research by RWC Partners

Positive Pennine Investment process

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