All the research shows that investors are interested in positive investing, but how advisers ask the question is important.  PWS can supply advisers with a survey that helps to uncover what clients really think about positive investing.  

The initial results of the survey were very surprising.  Three general advisers sent the survey to their clients and of the 43% who responded, over three quarters liked the idea of positive investing and would invest positively if it were made easy. Interestingly, many of these investors don’t perceive that performance will be impeded by a positive investment strategy and the evidence backs this up.  The latest 3D analysis of the performance of ethical funds shows that, if anything, funds with a positive social impact perform better than the sector average*.  This means that investors don’t necessarily need to sacrifice returns to invest for positive social impact.

*Good Investment Review April 2018


The Good Investment Review 7.90 MB 17 downloads


Past performance is no guarantee of future performance, and investments can fall as well as rice.