Positive Investing involves using your money to make a positive social or environmental impact. It is still an investment, and as such, the aim is to deliver a competitive financial return whilst also generating positive benefits for the wider community or the environment. Typical positive investments might include social housing, energy efficiency, sustainable transport or healthcare.

There is increasing recognition that investing in solutions to social and environmental challenges is not only a socially good thing to do but can be profitable too. When presented with the option of doing good and meeting their financial objectives, clients (and in particular, younger clients) are often very keen to do so. This also gives you more to talk about than pure figures, and positive investors tend to be more loyal as they are concerned with more than short-term financial returns. Many such clients also become advocates for this type of investing, encouraging their friends and family to do likewise. Offering solutions in this area also ensures that you stay ahead of the game and can be seen to offer the very best financial solutions.