Positive Pennine is part of Pennine Wealth Solutions, a robust, time-proven investment solution for Financial Advisers and their clients.

In August 2016 we launched our new groundbreaking range of sustainable investment solutions called Positive Pennine.

Positive Pennine is a range of portfolios which have been designed to enable investors to make a positive contribution to future generations through their investments, Doing Good, Avoiding Harm and Making Money.

Every investor has different values, but the portfolios aim to meet the majority of investors’ concerns. We made reference to the United Nations Sustainable & Development Goals. A set of 17 social and environmental objectives to eradicate poverty and environmental degradation in all forms by 2030.

The team at Positive Pennine have assessed which of these goals are investable and have translated these into clear, understandable social outcomes. This gives a clear view of the extent to which the Positive Pennine Portfolios enables a more sustainable world by investing in solutions for social and environmental challenges.

Typical positive investments are in new technologies, biotechnologies and new infrastructure such as schools, Hospitals, electric cars and so forth.

In August 2017, Pennine Wealth Solutions carried out a confidential survey with clients of three local IFAs, asking them a number of questions about positive investing.  The survey results illustrated that one-third of the total 167 surveyed, explicitly wanted some or all of their investments to have a positive impact and avoid damaging effects.

Sean Fisher, Business Development Manager at Pennine Wealth Solutions, said: “We believe that the results from the survey show a degree of certainty, that a change has taken place in the attitudes towards positive solutions and are now part of the everyday market process.”

To find out more about positive investing, please visit our website www.positivepennine.co.uk

Please note that the Positive Pennine Portfolios are only accessible via your Financial Adviser. If you are a Financial Adviser and would like more information, please contact Sean Fisher on 07583 241668 or e-mail