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john-fleetwood_504pxIn August 2016 Cumbrian John Fleetwood and Lancastrian George Critchley, agreed to work together, to bring Positive Investment Portfolios to the British public.

George, born into a farming family near Preston, and John, ultra-long distance running fanatic from near Kendal, form a formidable duo.

George is the founder of Pennine Wealth Solutions LLP, a Discretionary Investment Manager based in Chorley.

John, is the real expert here. He has worked for over a quarter of a century, in researching the world of sustainable investing. John’s advice and opinion has been sought by several UK Investment Houses over many years.

Both John and George believe that the time has come, where public opinion has shifted.

Investors see the world’s problems only too clearly. There is a pent-up demand to change things. UK investors can play their part.

John says ” the investing philosophy is simple:


If enough of us direct a portion of our savings and investments in this direction, slowly but surely, we can improve our world. Whether the benefits are social, environmental, or simply good corporate governance, the path of invested funds can have a transformative effect.”

John Fleetwood trades under the name 3D Investing. His philosophy and knowledge forms the basis of the Positive Pennine Portfolios.

John says “Firstly, there’s no point doing good if you’re also investing in companies that have a negative impact. We therefore check each underlying holding for involvement in activities that might be considered to be ethically controversial – for example, fossil fuel extraction, tax avoidance, human rights abuses, poor animal welfare and tobacco manufacture. This means that we can identify the extent of any negative impact.

We then seek to identify those funds that have the most positive impact in terms of meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. To this end, we assess what proportion of the fund is invested in companies that derive more than 50% of their revenues from activities that directly offer solutions to social and environmental challenges. These include companies that provide healthcare, clean energy, sustainable food, low carbon transport, social housing and that improve resource efficiency. We can then compare funds and identify the leaders.

We believe that our process enables portfolios that truly make a positive impact, but as the saying goes, ‘talk is cheap’. We therefore take considerable care to report on the impact that portfolios make, identifying shortcomings as well as the positive impacts.  Critically we don’t just give examples, but base reports on objective data to give investors a clear picture of the true impact of their money.”

Download the 3D methodology by clicking here.

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