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Providing sustainable investing portfolios in accordance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) requires thorough research and understanding of funds linked to sustainable objectives.

John Fleetwood, Director of 3D Investing and Ethical Money Ltd., has been researching the world of ethical and sustainable investing for over 25 years. His advice and expertise have been sought by many UK investment houses.

His investing philosophy of ‘Do Good, Avoid Harm, Make Money’ forms the backbone of Positive Pennine’s portfolios.

According to John, “If enough of us direct a portion of our savings and investments in this direction, slowly but surely, we can improve our world. Whether the benefits are social, environmental, or simply good corporate governance, the path of invested funds can have a transformative effect.”

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Beware the ‘greenwashing’ culture

John’s research includes weeding out ethical fraudsters. ‘Ethical’ is such a lucrative commercial buzzword that greenwashing (the marketing spin used by companies to give the impression they are ethical when in fact they’re not) is becoming more commonplace in the narrative used by organisations across the world. This is no different for investment fund providers. Many claim to invest ethically, but a mooch under the bonnet of the funds proves otherwise.

Positive Pennine offer meaningful, sustainable investing opportunities to satisfy the social conscience of customers of proactive Financial Advisers, thanks to John’s research.

How do 3D Investing conduct the research?

3D Investing identify investments that make a positive difference, enabling investors to make ‘good’ investments whilst minimising exposure to ethical controversies, and delivering on financial expectations.

They also endeavour to demonstrate the social impact of investments in a transparent and systematic manner so that investors can see exactly how well their social aims are being delivered.

3D Investing is an evidence-based approach that analyses the constituent holdings of each and every investment, so that investors can be confident that their money is being used in a way that really does make a positive difference whilst meeting their financial needs.

The evidence-based approach means that, not only can investors be assured of successful financial outcomes, but they can be equally confident in maximising the social impact of their portfolio.

3D Investing have analysed every fund registered for sale in the UK that has some form of ethical, sustainability or environmental and social governance (ESG) mandate.

Each fund is then attributed a star rating, identifying the ‘best’ funds according to the 3D Investing criteria. The best funds in each sector form the basis of the Positive Pennine portfolios, portfolios that truly ‘Do Good, Avoid Harm and Make Money’.

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